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Web Design

In the modern technological world it is a pre-requisite that a successful business will have a web site. Whether you require a 24 hour shop front for potential clients to view, an extension to your corporate image or an extra avenue of communication, then a series of well presented web pages are essential. We can deal with all of your requirements from purchasing a domain name through to designing and hosting of your website. Most of our sites also benefit from our in-house developed Content Management (CMS) system allowing you to continually update your website content long after the website is launched. We have an array of example work in the portfolio section of our site and of course, the Ikona web site was designed by our own team.


Presentation Systems

At Ikona we have extensive knowledge and skill in providing presentation and audio systems for a wide variety of clients. Depending on your requirements we can advise you on a host of options from a wide range of suppliers. Being independent we can choose from the entire industry to design and deliver the right solution for your presentation needs.


Structured Cabling

If you are looking to move offices, or construct new ones and you require cabling for voice and data then Ikona can provide the solution. We have vast experience of installations ranging from small single sites to large multi-floor multi-site network configurations. We have an experienced team that can install and maintain CAT5 through to CAT7 and Fibre Optic cabling systems. We also understand that every company will have its own specific requirements and because of this Ikona will carry out a comprehensive site survey and recommend a strategy to meet the needs of today and ensure it remains flexible to deal with the demands of tomorrow.


Software Development

Choosing software to assist your business can be a daunting process. Purchasing software packages requires careful deliberation and the shrink-wrapped or off the shelf solutions may not necessarily meet your requirements or expectations. You may be in a situation where no commercial product actually exists to service your business needs.

The alternative maybe is to have Ikona design, develop and integrate a tailor-made package for you with a lot less hassle and expense than you might imagine. Consider the benefits of a package that does exactly what you want in the way you want.


IT Support

Ikona understands the dependence on IT in today’s business and the importance of maintaining those systems to ensure smooth continual operation and reducing the risk of potential loss of company revenue. Ikona is dedicated to providing our customers with complete business IT support. Our comprehensive range of services aims to meet the ever changing IT demands of today’s workplace. To be able to offer an effective IT Support solution, Ikona prides itself on investing in its staff to provide high quality, professional technicians to deal with any support situation. As a result we offer a flexible approach to our service levels which can be customised to suit the demands and requirements of your business. Support packages can include: