Software Development

Choosing software to assist your business can be a daunting process. Purchasing software packages requires careful deliberation and the shrink-wrapped or off the shelf solutions may not necessarily meet your requirements or expectations. You may be in a situation where no commercial product actually exists to service your business needs.

The alternative maybe is to have Ikona design, develop and integrate a tailor-made package for you with a lot less hassle and expense than you might imagine. Consider the benefits of a package that does exactly what you want in the way you want.

– Control over the design process

– Less training required

– Flexibility after completion

– Fits into your current working methods

– Provide a more effective service to your customers

– Make your businesses more efficient and profitable

If you are already using a popular package such as Microsoft Office, we at Ikona can use the integrated facilities to design a solution to fit into your particular environment.

It needn’t stop there. Possible answers could lie in web based databases or even mobile applications.  If you have an idea we can advise you on the best path.

Contact us today to see whether a bespoke programme can make a considerable difference to your business.