Remote Working

Enabling your workforce to access your internal company network can be one of the smartest moves an organisation can make. In today’s business environment, not only can this lead to an increase in productivity, but those that can access their information and corporate applications quickly and easily, regardless of geographical location, can provide their business with a competitive edge.

At Ikona we can help develop and deliver a strategy that allows secure, reliable and crucially un-complicated mobility. Whether you require home working or complete roaming capability, we have a solution that fits.

We specialise in:

E-mail – keeping your staff connected to their e-mail wherever they are in the world via intelligent use of SmartPhones, Laptops, E-mail Clients and Webmail.

Connectivity – Connect satellite offices cost-effectively through intelligently designed network systems.

VPN – Providing secure and reliable access to your internal systems for your remote staff, senior management etc, irrespective of location.

Extranet – enable mobility and information collaboration for your organisation through a secure Extranet system.

Thin-clients – Citrix and Terminal Server solutions deliver true mobility and flexible working.

VOIP – Voice over IP allows your roaming users to communicate effectively from anywhere in the world while also slashing communication costs.

Management – Manage how and what your remote workers do when they’re away from the office to ensure that your company is not exposed to any un-necessary security risks.

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